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Basalt Fiber

This 100% natural fabric is made from melted basalt rock at 1500℃. The substance is extruded to provide a filament of basalt fiber. Surfboard shapers in Australia prefer basalt fiber for its smooth, flatter finish that wets out very well and keeps the board’s weight down. Plus, it’s stronger than e-glass and considerably cheaper than carbon fiber. The earth’s crust is actually 90% basalt, especially beneath the ocean. Basalt fiber surfboards are an excellent natural alternative for modern surfers.

Innegra-S Fiber

Weaving high performance polypropylene fibers (inegrage) creates the lightest fiber on the market, Innegra-S Fiber. Known for it’s great impact and compression properties, Innegra is tougher and lighter than any other available fibers on the market. Surfers and surfboard shapers alike are often keen on its opaque white color. Also available in a large variety of weave patterns, Innegra is an ideal choice to reduce the impact of cracks and shatter marks around the critical pressure points on a surfboard.

Flax Fiber

Made from the stem of a flaxseed plant stem, flax fiber is a 100% renewable, natural fiber with a low environmental impact. Some of the best surfboard shapers rely on flax fiber for its good flex and ability to reduce vibration during the ride. Flax fiber also looks great as an underlay on the top or bottom finish of the surfboard.

Hemp Fiber

Hemp is another 100% natural fiber. Hemp is ultra-easy to grow, and it is well-known as one of the strongest fibers available, having eight times tensile strength than cotton. Hemp is heavier than traditional glassing material, making it perfect for 6 foot and 7 foot surfboards, best for beginner’s surfboard, or any other board that you want to last a lifetime. For surfboard laminates, it has all of the required strengths, it looks great, and it reduces the need for non-renewable material.