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Deano is a well-known surfboard shaper in Australia. Surfboard shapers are artisans of the surfing lifestyle.

Dean Kennedy Biography

Deano is a well-known surfboard shaper in Australia. Surfboard shapers are artisans of the surfing lifestyle. He began handcrafting surfboards in 1989, where he learned to expertly shape, glass, sand, airbrush, and polish the boards. Deano does everything by hand, including making and foiling the fins to hand sketching and designing the artwork.

He began learning the craft of an Australian surfboard shaper along Victoria’s coastline at Torquay and Phillip Island. He learned the skills needed to create handcrafted surfboards from local artisans. Dean has always been heavily involved and passionate about sports and artwork throughout his life. Jumping into building handcrafted surfboards was just the hands-on career choice he needed to make for himself.

Deano is also an avid traveler and adventurer. He headed overseas, traveling west along the Tropic of Capricorn to explore all surf, people, and surfboards’ direction amongst those surrounding the mainlands and islands. He frequently visited some of the world’s best surf spots like J- Bay South Africa, St Leu Reunion Island, Tamarin Bay Mauritius, Tulear Madagascar, and recently Mo’orea & Pape`ete, Tahiti.

Currently, Deano is based in Coolangatta, Australia, where he manufactures DK Surfboards up in the highlands of Cudgen, striving to be the best surfboard shaper. Deano’s handcrafted surfboards come in a variety to cover a wide range of surfers. Whether it’s a classic 7-foot surfboard, the best surfboard for beginners, or the perfect board for even the most experienced surfers, Deano crafts unique PU, EPS, and Wooden surfboards for all.

When Dean is not in Australia, he is based on the southwest Coastline of Madagascar. He first went there in the year 2000 and fell in love with the tribes and the laid-back vibe right away.

He spent years surfing the outer reefs while blending in with the cultures and appreciating what he has got. Now with a partner and son Malgache, he is also in the process of setting up his surf and handcrafted surfboard production base along the breathtaking coastline of Madagascar.

Always thinking of new designs, Deano loves creating the next generations’ surfboards and expectations of surfboard design and development today. He changes his shapes, materials, and techniques to meet the demands of today’s surfers.